The Artist.

Fat Cap Sprays is a London based artist and content creator, well known for his energetic videos that merge street art with pop culture.

Focusing on painting classic cartoons, in bright colours with a glowing neon twist. His work has attracted attention for its nostalgic factor, as well as the socially interactive nature, which has lent to hundreds of people posing alongside them and sharing across social media.

Placing them within popular street art hubs like Shoreditch, Hackney Wick and Penge, the pieces often get treated like collectibles to discover.

By filming each piece and sharing the creative process through satisfying short form videos, he has earned over 100 million likes on TikTok.

Fat Cap Sprays Sonic & Mario


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Recent Campaigns.

Creating viral videos has led to the opportunity to work with several market leading brands, such as Canon, Amazon Prime, TikTok and Manchester City FC, to name a few.

Canon Crew Create Campaign

Canon - Crew Create

Four creative minds. A variety of Canon kit. One collaboration.

The Project
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Fat Cap Sprays x Habito

We love everything about skateparks.

The Project
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Samsung - Night In New Light

Celebrating Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra’s Nightography.

The Project

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